1 WOODWORKING MACHINES – TABLE SAWS What should you do before using a table saw? A table saw can be dangerous if not used properly. Read the owner's manual carefully.

Tool Type Experience Advanced Injury Severity Needed Medical Attention Employee was attempting to tenon a table leg in the upright position. The bottom

WoodWorking Essentials i t is estimated that nearly 80 percent of all woodworking requires some type of sawing. The power, accuracy and control of the table saw has made

Tip #55 Table Saw Basic Cuts Sawing-crosscutting (cutting perpendicular to or "across" the wood grain), ripping (cutting parallel to or "with" the grain),

Popular Woodworking – Woodworking Plans, Woodworking projects, Designs Patterns Router Table-Mate Make your own router table for less than $50 by

Table Saw – Joinery Wood joinery is one of the most rewarding parts of any woodworking project. Ranging from simple, attractive miter and bevel joints

What is woodworking? Accident prevention in woodworking literally starts from the ground up — the floor. Whether you’re cutting, drilling, shaping or sanding, you will per- A table saw is safely guarded when the hood covers

Model 510 has the extension table system that provides additional support for cross-cutting operations (Figure 2-19). A miter gauge extension will

Making a Multiuse Tablesaw Jig W. Instead of making multiple jigs for cutting different joints on the tablesaw, I saved time, materials, and space by making one that can do multiple jobs. It consists FINE wooDworkINg Multiuse Tablesaw Jig

Woodworking and Mathematics jsommer.com Page 3 See article Divide a line into N equal segments later in this document for a brief explanation.

Good woodworking starts with a solid workbench. Shop Jigs & Techniques Get the most from your tools with easy-to-build shop jigs. If you cut the dadoes on the table saw, set the blade 3⁄4 " above the table. For the top dadoes, set the rip fence 3" from the outside of the blade.

Woodworking Suppliers Market Place Clamp Clips Tenon/Plug Cutters Self Centering Drills Drill Doctor Pro’s Choice’s – Woodworking Tools & Supplies of your table saw's blade and the closest edge of the miter gauge slots. This will result in the edges

Build a Precision crosscutting sled. jig’s line of cut. start with the base and fences Continued 1. saw table surface SQUARING THE REAR FENCE TO THE SAW BLADE Framing square Saw kerf Use a framing square to adjust the location of the

A free copy, visit: http://adobe.com/reader. Universal Table Saw Jig Copyright Journal 2011 by Journal. for is of Journal be so, of. 0 In this plan you’ll find: Woodworker’s Journal Classic Projects are scans of much-loved woodworking plans from our

Product Catalog TOOLS AND ACCESSORIES and project plans, all based on the Kreg Jig kregtoolcompany In September of 1989, I took my “Craig’s Jig” to a local woodworking show to get it in front of a woodworking crowd for the very fi rst time. 20 years later,

2 Tablesaw Tapering Jig 3 Coved Doors on the Tablesaw 7 Tall Tablesaw Fence are parallel to the miter slot and the blade is 90˚ to the table. Then 12 Trusty Tablesaw Jigs Coved Doors on the Tablesaw 1. 2. 3

Popular Woodworking – Woodworking Plans, Woodworking projects, Designs Patterns Router Table-Mate Make your own router table for less than $50 by

Table Saw Miter Sled Construction by Jay S. Helland Safety and Hold Harmless Statement: Woodworking can be very dangerous!

24 Popular Woodworking August 2007 Table Saw Tenon Jig With fi ve pieces of wood and a clamp, you can make vertical cuts safely. LEAD PHOTO BY AL PARRISH; ILLUSTRATION BY MARY JANE FAVORITE

1 WARRANTY Thank you for purchasing one of PSI’s growing family of woodworking products.The #TSGUARD is engineered and manufactured to the highest standards of quality.You will find this product an essential accessory to your table saw.

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